The Best New Keyboard for WhatsApp

By | January 28, 2022

The Best New Keyboard for WhatsApp


WhatsApp needs less offer. A close proximity to the layout of the top apps in Google Play and the App Store, this is one of the first apps you will download when you buy another telephone and most likely your most in a normal day.

The app has grown significantly since its launch almost 10 years ago, with the ability to transfer records and make voice and video calls – all currently center features – along the way.

The Best New Keyboard for WhatsApp

The Best New Keyboard for WhatsApp

More valuable than SMS, smarter than Hangouts, and easier to use than Skype, it is no surprise that WhatsApp is the central exchange decision for a large number of cell phone clients.

Regardless of how you use it every day, WhatsApp is overwhelmed with many helpful, usually secret features that you may not be comfortable with. We have gathered the best.

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Today I am going to tell you about a great and powerful keyboard that takes your breath away. This is a beautiful and cool keyboard with great features.


The name of this keyboard is picboard app. This allows you to search and discover any image on your keyboard and send the image to your peers via web-based networking media. At the moment you are getting the best and stunning keyboard with the best features.

Stylish Keyboard 2022:

At this point you should download this keyboard as it provides an amazing look with great features. This allows us to find any image with the best quality in our Android keyboard. We search any image here and present it with colleagues without any hassle.

This is a unique keyboard for every Watchword client. Because it offers some amazing features with some different watchwords. You can discover any image here on its keyboard app.


  • It gives a great look to the Android keyboard.
  • Enjoy your Android keyboard.
  • It helps to find any image in android keyboard.
  • This keyboard offers many different features from different keyboards.
  • Instructions for using PicBoard:
  • Type some inquiry on the Visit screen.
  • Take a picture of the picture you want to send.

Many people are using this app to find any image in their Android keyboard. We can effectively retrieve any image in the Android keyboard using the Pickboard app.

If you are looking for a better keyboard then this pickup keyboard is perfect for you.

We can share photos by searching any image in the pickboard on web based life like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMO etc. You can introduce this pickboard from Google Play Store.




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