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  • Serial leaker Evan Blass recently posted leaked specs for three Motorola 2021 phones.
  • Two of the phones are definitely mid-rangers, but one appears to have a Snapdragon 870 onboard.
  • Each phone is only launching in specific areas of the world, so you might not be able to get them all.

Evan Blass leaked the specs for three new Motorola 2021 phones. One of them will have a global variant and a North American (read: Verizon-exclusive) model, so it’s technically four new phones.

You can see the table of specs Blass leaked below.

Leaked Motorola 2021 phones

Motorola 2021 Phone Specs

Blass posits that these devices could land under the Motorola Edge branding. That would mean they would almost certainly come with curved displays, as that’s what gives the Edge phones their name.

The global variant of Berlin, though, shrinks the battery down and introduces a telephoto lens. It’s unfortunate that Motorola is introducing those trade-offs, but its region-exclusive strategy makes it likely that few will know there was even an option.

The next device, codenamed “Kyoto,” has a MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor, another mid-range friendly CPU.

Finally, the “P Star” phone appears to be the best of the bunch with a Snapdragon 870 under the hood. It also features the rear camera trifecta, with a 108MP main, a 16MP ultra-wide, and an 8MP telephoto. Unfortunately, the phone won’t be coming to the United States.

Since we’re seeing these specs now, it’s probably not long until we see these new Motorola 2021 phones launch. Stay tuned!


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