Shahnawaz Dahani dedicates PSL 2021 heroics to mother, late father


Shahnawaz Dahani celebrates with the trophy Photo: Dahani Twitter account
Shahnawaz Dahani celebrates with the trophy Photo: Dahani Twitter account 

An elated Shahnawaz Dahani dedicated his PSL 2021 achievements to his late father and mother Thursday night, after the Multan Sultans won the trophy and the fast bowler ended the tournament on a high note.

Dahani managed to take 20 wickets during the PSL 2021, becoming the third bowler to take as many wickets in the tournament. 

For his outstanding achievements, he was deemed Best Emerging Player and Best Bowler of the tournament. 

Ecstatic at the achievements, Dahani took to Twitter to express his joy at the achievements, dedicating them to his parents. 

“Alhamdullah!. To be best emerging player and best bowler of the tournament in @thePSLt20 is like dream come [true],” he tweeted. 

The fast bowler dedicated his achievements to his mother “who always prays for me and to my late father ( if he was here would be proud of me)”.

Dahani has come a long way, from playing bare-foot with a tape-ball on an uneven field to achieving laurels at the PSL. He didn’t have any facilities in his village, not even a proper connection to watch live cricket.

He would borrow shoes from his friends and do “jugaars” to watch live streams of cricket matches around the world.

“I was passionate about bowling fast and was known in my village for my fast bowling, that’s why many there had named me 3G bowler – to relate the speed with the speed of the internet,” Dahani had said then.

He also mentioned how he had to borrow shoes from a friend to appear in the U19 trials for his district.


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