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Samsung Galaxy S21 camera macro 1

David Imel / Android Authority


  • A Samsung phone just passed through the FCC, and it looks very likely it could be the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.
  • The phone supports mmWave connections and has the model number SM-G990U, which has been rumored to be the S21 FE.
  • A phone passing through the FCC is a sign that a smartphone’s release in the US is coming very soon.

The FCC site just published a certification page for a phone with model number SM-G990U. This has long been rumored to be connected to the Galaxy S21 FE. As a side note, the Galaxy S21 in the US is model number SM-G991U, so that just makes it seem even more likely.

The FCC documents also show that the phone in question supports mmWave 5G connections. This is good news for anyone who may have been worried that the Galaxy S21 FE would be Sub6 only.

A phone passing through the FCC is a surefire sign that a full launch is imminent. It’s possible we could see the S21 FE — and thus, everything else Samsung has in store — at some point in July or early August.


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