Pakdata w3gyms 2022 Best Sim Information System

By | February 18, 2022

Pakdata w3gyms 2022 Best Sim Information System

Pakdata w3gyms: It is possible to track a phone number and reveal personal information like name, address, location, etc. This is done using SIM Finder software, or an App. Unwanted calls and texts occasionally come in from an unknown number. These messages may contain vulgarity and threats.

Tracking the SIM will allow us to find the sender’s contact information and report it to authorities.

It is now more common to track mobile SIMs. This technology can be used by police to locate criminals or fugitives. SIM Tracking is easy as there are many ways to do this.

Professional assistance is not always necessary. These services are at your fingertips.

Today’s topic is how to locate a Mobile SIM Owner. It will reveal the owner’s name, address, current location, and date of birth in Pakistan 2021.

Pakdata w3gyms Mobile SIM Information

Nowadays, everyone uses a mobile phone. This means they use a SIM. Every SIM is registered under the name of the owner. This allows SIMs to reveal all information concerning their owner.

This information is kept by PTCL directories. PTCL directories will notify you of the SIMS details once you contact them.

You can access the directory online by entering the caller’s number.

Pakdata w3gyms Software

There are many websites that offer tools for tracking mobile number . These tools are directly connected to the Governments’s Mobile Number Directories. This allows them to give precise information such as user name and address. These online locators make use of GPS, WiFi connections, and cell towers to show you the current location. You can enter the number to be redirected directly to their current location on Google Maps.

SIM Finder Apps

Many apps offer SIM information. All these apps are also linked to government directories. The system will not show a result if the number isn’t yet registered. These apps can be used safely and will provide the most current information.


SIM Finder using Mobile Number

A SMS facility is available to civilians. The following steps will allow you to access it

  • Open the text window in your cell phone’s message app
  • Send a blank text message to 667
  • We will send you a text with the registered owners and any other pertinent information.
  • Search the PTA Information System to find the names of SIM-owners in Pakistan. Enter the number of unknown user Live Finder

Live Finder is an app available for everyone that lets you access the SIM details as well as the live location of the owner. Finder can be used to protect your device and give you peace of mind. Simply write down the mobile number.

Finder uses the most recent technologies to allow you to track any human, based on their mobile number. This app lets you track your children and coworkers. After entering their number, you can see their current location as they move. Live Finder will allow you to see all this information.

How to Use the Live SIM Finder

First, you need a smartphone to use the mobile Finder. Any iPhone, Android, and other GPS-enabled operating system will work. Sometimes, activating your GPS setting may be necessary. If you need to use a PC, that is also possible. There are no restrictions to the type of device.

Now, open Live Finder app. The prompt asking for a phone number will pop up. Enter a 10 digit number (ignore any starting 0) in the search box to view the name, area, and mobile number addresses of unknown callers for any province.

You can use this app to locate your mobile number by entering it as an input. Also, you can get information from the cellular database by entering the number directly in the search window.

This information may help you determine the exact location of calls that you are receiving.

 The tool only tells you where a particular mobile phone number is located.


How can I determine how many SIMs my name has?

Open the SMS menu on your phone. Your CNIC number is required. Once you are done, please send the message to 668. A text message will be sent to you shortly with information about the active SIM cards for each operator listed on your CNIC. All Network users have this option.

How do I block my SIM?

Simply phone your network support line, explain your situation, and ask for cancellation of your SIM. Many times, the telecom company will offer to provide a duplicate sim within just a few hours of your request. Your SIM will be locked and not accessible to any caller.


Can you change your SIM card and stop tracking?

Multiple people may change their SIM but still use the same mobile phone. This is counterintuitive. Your SIM card and IMEI enable you to be tracked and identified constantly. If you feel you’re being followed, change your phone.


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