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Become an owner of the biggest Junkyard in the town!THE PLOTBecome an owner of the biggest Junkyard! Manage garbage dump and build your junk empire. Clean up, renew, build, trade. It’s all in your hand!

GAMEPLAYIn the beginning was the junkyard. Abandoned and despised by most people. But not you! Since you’re the owner, the business is booming! See that rusty car over there? Let’s do some makeover. Several corroded pipes? Let’s turn them into bales and sell. There’s junk everywhere I see. You know what that means. That’s how you make the profit! Don’t forget to invest. Why should you do everything around here? Don’t waste time, get your money’s worth!MAIN

FEATURESClean up and segregate – The easiest way to earn some money. Paper to blue, metals and plastic to yellow. Piece of cake! Assemble – Look for the lost parts and mix them to create a much more worth object. Renew – Old car? Out of fashion furniture? Grab some paints and let’s make it amazing again!Invest to grow your empire – With new machines you will be able to work faster and easier. Try your luck – What can be hidden in those big containers? Pay the price to find out.Try junkyard machines!REALISTIC WASTE PROCESSINGComplete all stage of garbage and trash utilization at

junkyardVARIOUS TRASH TYPESLearn to process junk metal and other kinds of garbageWork at equipped junkyard!Explore process of waste processing with our simulator.It is real Junkyard Simulator. As you play the game, you start gaining experience, and your business is growing rapidly.- Process and sell junk using machines.- Open containers with various content.- Search for scrap metal- Restore your junkyard finds. Renew furniture, cars, home appliances- Explore the world of JunkyardBecome a car mechanic.Sell rebuilt vehicles and become the ultimate mechanic!A little life hack from the developer: log into JunkYard Builder multiple times a day to speed up your junk to cash journey. This way you will be successful faster, JunkYard Simulator. Go on an eco adventure!

In this Car Mechanic Simulator 2020, repair, fix and pimp cars in mechanic games

Car Mechanic Junkyard- Tycoon Simulator Games 2020
In this Car Mechanic Simulator 2020, repair, fix and pimp cars in mechanic games
Be a car mechanic and play this Car Mechanic Junkyard- Tycoon Simulator Games 2020 on a realistic car build or car fixing games environment; where you have to become car mechanic and modify cars on junkyard of tycoon auto car workshop. Modify model kit along with oil change or show your car build or car mechanic skills and modify or build a car like a pro car mechanic simulators 2020 along with car fixing games or car repairs ideas on sizzling junkyard of tycoon games atmosphere. You would have played many car mechanic simulator games 2020 but this car mechanic job 2020 is best among all other car builder games in these car mechanic games. Enhance your junkyard simulator skills and be pimp my ride car repair into workshop and customize car like a pro mechanic of junkyard simulator 2020.

In Car Mechanic Junkyard- Tycoon Simulator Games 2020, be the best car builder of the car workshop and also show your auto mechanic pro expertise to become the best mechanic of car garage and also master your car repairs skills. Amazing junkyard simulator game-play with multiple car mechanic and automotive car workshops for more fun in car mechanic games 2020. Be the tycoon of car mechanic simulator 2020 to modify multiple sports car and also build a car with latest technologies in car fixing games with best car mechanic simulator 2020 levels. Enjoy your car mechanic job 2020 and customize car or become the best car maker to modify multiple cars in a mechanic garage in car mechanic games 2020. We will give you multiple car mechanic games levels with car upgrade option in car fixing games of junkyard simulator 2020. Doing your car mechanic job by modify cars or fix their mechanic and also paint or change their tires rim in car mechanic simulator 2020 latest games. Enjoy your new car games journey this time and finish your repair simulation or wheel dealers activities in junkyard simulator 2020.

In Car Mechanic Junkyard- Tycoon Simulator Games 2020, show your best car mechanic skills and be the best car builder of the town by build a car according to your customer requirement. Amazing car repair climate with best car mechanic simulation game-play; where you have to become the car maker as well as car mechanic garage manager to repair or sell your car from car shop showrooms in car mechanic games 2020. Be the tycoon of custom car games and become the auto mechanic of car fixing games on stunning auto mechanic games 2020. Enjoy to play like a car repairs this time and build a car or customize car according to your will in junkyard simulation of car mechanic 2020. Doing your car mechanic job this time and appreciate your garage worker in this amazing junkyard of tycoon games 2020. Smooth game-play controls with best car mechanic tasks to accomplish in car mechanic simulator games 2020. Be the best car garage mechanic and accomplish your customize car tasks to get bonus coins in new car games 2020.

Car Mechanic Junkyard- Tycoon Simulator Games 2020 Features:
• Thrilling auto mechanic games levels
• Car Mechanic 2020 games with realistic HD graphics
• Amazing gas station huge workshop for car garage
• Real time gas station auto mechanic shop
• Earn money and car upgrade or car workshop
• Learn how to fix the car or give service of automotive in car modding games.

Buy & sell cars as car tycoon & luxury car designer in car mechanic games

Welcome to a totally new twist on car games where you will transform your life from a poor guy to becoming a car tycoon. This car mechanic game, which is an addition to free car games, is a unique story of a man who used to drive a taxi in the age of new car games. He sold his old car and planned to get into car buying & selling business, starting from a junkyard, for becoming rich. He became a car designer and a car dealer in his process and ultimately ended up gaining title of car tycoon in this combo of car building game and car driving games. All this makes the car simulator story qualify for the category of best car games & adds to the offering of business games. Buy wrecked cars from junkyard, do car repair & restoration and sell them to a car dealer in this addition of car tycoon games. The car mechanic game will let you change body parts (doors, side mirrors, wind screen, bonnet, bumper, back trunk as a part of super car games) as well as car engine parts (cylinder, heads, pistons, battery, exhaust, air filter and carburetor) giving a real car games feel for a passionate car designer in his personal auto workshop and car garage. You will also paint your vehicle and upgrade its suspension as part of this car game. Start from a cheap auto car and trade up cars with the car dealer after car restoration and end up with the most expensive vehicle as a Tycoon in car repair games. There is an element of car driving simulator to it as well when you test drive your cars before selling. All of this makes this one of the best car games in the world.

So gear up if you want to become rich as a car designer and want to be known as a car tycoon in a story unseen in any car games. Highly detailed car garage and workshop environment along with the scrap junkyard enhances the experience of this car game with a unique car business games twist. If you are a fan of totally new car driving games and would also like to explore car building games, then we would recommend you this car simulator which would let you enjoy the experience of best car games of 2018. Once you are finished with car restoration as a car mechanic, test drive the vehicle in the city and sell it to the car dealer as you consolidate your collection of free car games. This new car game will let you even change your car’s suspension, shock absorber, hubs and disk brakes. Transform wrecked cars into shiny new super cars and become a tycoon. Your garage is your car factory in the car simulator of 2018 and only your car restoration games skill can change your destiny.

Add to your portfolio of new car games with this junkyard simulator and enjoy car driving after car restoration. If you like playing car mechanic games and car buying and selling games, you will love this car tycoon simulator. Become a real car maker and a car designer while learning to transact with car dealer in car driving games. So what are you waiting for? Download this car workshop game now and change your life from an unknown man to a business tycoon.

Car Tycoon 2018 – Car Mechanic Game features:

  • Multiple realistic car models unseen in most free car games
  • Detailed car pimping assignments unlike regular car mechanic games
  • unique car restoration simulator story
  • Upgrade multiple car part and assemble your car on your own
  • Transform your vehicle from a scrap car from an old junkyard to a shiny and expensive super car
  • Earn virtual money and become rich in this car simulator.

Be Junkyard Tycoon, Run Car Mechanic Garage, Do Car Repair, Restoration, Paint

Ever wanted to run Car Mechanic Garage? Play Now, Live as a Junkyard Tycoon People bring their cars to your car garage and you have to do Car restoration, Car repair, Car Fixing of junkyard cars. Different levels with different tasks like Painting, removing dents and Car wash. Fix the engine and a lot more in this Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

You start off as a new car mechanic, go to the store and buy some oil, paints and tires for your car garage. First car comes for Oil change, get in car, park in oil change section of the car garage. Open bonnet of car, open screw of engine, add oil, close screw, close bonnet of the junkyard car. Your first task as a car mechanic is done. Next guy comes for car wash, Get in car and take it to the wash section of the car garage, press button to clean the car, then drive ahead and ,press button to move the rollers to clean the car from sides, then from above in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

Next customer come to the car garage to check acceleration, get in car, go to acceleration check ramp, get out of car, go to a machine to check, keep tapping button until bar fills, then repeat for 4 gears. Now you have to do car repair of junkyard car and Fix the car body, remove dents. Start by taking the car to the denting area of car mechanic garage, pick up a suction device, then put on dent, then button appears, keep pressing it until dent is removed and car repair is done. Next to complete car restoration, fix dent area by painting, pick up correct paint, go to car and paint over the areas shown where dent was of the junkyard car in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator. Now person comes with broken engine. Get in car, take to engine area of the car mechanic garage, open hood, use a lifting machine to take car engine out and put on table to do car repair, then pick up screwdriver and remove nuts and replace with new ones to complete car restoration. Change tires, take car to ramp, press button, and car moves upwards on ramp, now pick up spanner, go to first tire and press button to remove all 4 nuts, then take tire out and put on table in car mechanic garage, go to another area with new tires, pick it up and go to car, put in tire and pick up screws and put in tire, repeat for 2 tires on both sides. Lastly a Very damaged car has come, do complete car restoration and car repair o it by completing car denting, painting and car wash in this Junkyard Tycoon Car Master Mechanic Simulator.

So, what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game to experience life as a car mechanic and junkyard tycoon.

Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game Features:
• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic Car mechanic garage
• High-quality Cars and repair equipment
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive Gameplay

Let’s see how if u have what it takes to do live as car mechanic in “Car Mechanic Simulator: Junkyard Car Repair Game”: Enjoy the most anticipated Car mechanic game of 2020!


have to start over from the beginning. Just save the workpiece you’re working on right now and continue later.

Lathe Machine 3D: Milling & Turning Simulator Game is a completely revamped, entertaining milling machine game where you put yourself in a role of a lathe machinist. You can start a new project simply by choosing the product you would like to work on, setting the workpiece on the lathe machine and start carving. Create brand-new, different products in your own personal, manual (non CNC) lathe machine manufacturing/production process. Workshop experience allows you to turn (mill) the workpiece in a dynamic 360-degrees view.

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