How to Make Conference Call on Your Phone 2022

By | June 10, 2022

You can make your life easier by using making a conference phone from an landline. What do you think is the fastest method to communicate with your friends? You’re correct; it’s a brand newly added conference call feature that is available on Ptcl that will simplify our lives.

How to Make Conference Call on Your Phone 2022

You can be in any part of the world and remain in touch with your beloved ones. If you are planning to hold an important business conference. It is essential to complete an assignment in conjunction.

You’d like to make plans or discuss something that requires immediate attention. No matter what the situation you can count on PTCL Conference calling feature.

This feature of conference calls is enjoying enormous popularity on Internet through apps like Whatsapp Calling, Skype, Facebook, We chat, and many other messengers because of its incredible features.

However, the internet isn’t always accessible or available. It could be disconnected because of a law and order situations in the country or maybe due to extreme weather conditions. This is when you’re able to count on your landline telephone – PTCL and its conference call service.

Benefits of registering to the conference call service of PTCL

The advantage of this form of communication is that everyone can be connected to the conference call and communicate their thoughts, views and ideas in an interactive manner.

It is almost impossible to gather in one place.

It is not necessary to gather in a specific location that takes up time and money, thereby slowing the process. Simply start the conference call and join in the same place.

Even the media and news channels are making use of technology

Today, media and news channels make use of the same technology to effectively connect different people and allow them to post their opinions, comments as well as information in front of millions of viewers.


Even a person traveling on vacation could have this feature available to them.

There are a myriad of possibilities. Even if someone traveling or someone who is not in the vicinity is able to participate in a group discussion the hopes of reaching an agreement.

Making a difference in lives of its valued consumers has always been their highest goal.

Call function connects people together

In order to keep this mission going, PTCL has introduced another important and interesting feature called PTCL Conference Call or 3 Party Call.

It could be a celebration or a disaster, be with your family and friends, always

This call-in service for conference calls is an excellent attempt to bring family and family members closer, no matter during the holiday seasons of the year, or God forbid, on the day of a death or other calamity or tragedy, you can express condolences for their loved family members and share their pain.

PTCL Conference Call has been made in a way that its customers can make multiple calls at the same time, and the call currently in conference mode so that they can talk to their loved ones, family members, friends, family members, and colleagues.

Three people can speak simultaneously in one call

In essence, three numbers can converse at the same time on a call. Three individuals can talk in one call with no additional costs to those who participate in the call. There is also no additional registration fees.

International or national calls, no borders

The most appealing feature is that there’s no limit for international or local call. Everyone can now speak up regardless of where they are in the globe.

 Cool, isn’t it?

Friendly, easy to use billing plans

The conference facilities are simple to use, even for a person with no technical expertise Anyone can utilize it with ease and get the maximum advantage from it. It comes with a web-based interface, as well as some good pricing options, making it feasible for the common user to take advantage of the services.

There is no limit on the time or place of residence.

There is no longer a limit to time and place can separate you apart from your loved ones.

PTCL conference calling is easy to setup and three persons can chat via a single call at any time from anywhere in the world. of the globe at any point, under any time.

PTCL conference calls are offered all hours of the day

A conference call service offered by PTCL is free, instant and completely automated. The service is accessible through the regular phone. Like a normal telephone call Conference calls are accessible all hours of the day, without any scheduling requirements.

Below are some frequently asked questions frequently asked by users prior to availing of the service.


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