How to Increase Your Slow Internet Speed in Your Phone

By | December 22, 2021

How to Increase Your Slow Internet Speed in Your Phone

You can also check your daily usage data and usage usage for last 30 days. It also provides information about the amount of data used via Wi-Fi. It shows the total amount of data used, including data used on mobile and data used via Wi-Fi. Net speed indicator.

Internet Speed ​​Meter – Monitor Live Net Speed ​​4G, 3G It also shows the usage of data along with graphics charts. It helps your mobile network connection at any time while using your device.

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It also shows the usage of your last five minutes of internet speed data.

How to Increase Your Slow Internet Speed in Your Phone

How to Increase Your Slow Internet Speed in Your Phone

Internet Speed ​​Meter:

Internet Speed ​​Meter displays your Internet speed on the home screen (download / upload) and the amount of data used. This allows you to monitor the network connection at any time using your device.

The Internet Speed ​​Meter displays real-time Internet Speed ​​of your Internet connection on the status bar and notification bar.

Download the internet speed:

How do I speed up my internet connection? This question comes to the mind of every internet user who is dealing with the slow speed of internet. Waiting for a YouTube video to load, or experiencing a connection delay while playing a video game can ruin the online experience and frustrate the user. So, when your internet starts to slow down, what do you need to do to fix it? This article is about how to speed up slow internet connection.


internet plan and speed:

Sometimes your internet is slow because you are just paying for a bad internet plan. Log on to your internet provider’s website or call them to find out all the details about your plan.

Once you know what plan you have, you can measure your internet speed by going to or the Speedtest website or mobile app. If the measurement you have made is close to the speed at which you are paying, then there is no network problem. All you need to do is upgrade your existing internet connection to high bandwidth and speed.

Repair your hardware:

Sometimes turning off the router and then turning it on again increases your internet speed because a bug in the router’s firmware can slow down your internet connection. So, restarting it can boost your internet speed.

If you suspect a problem with your outdoor connection, how can you fix your outdoor connection?

Key Features of Internet Speed ​​Meter:

  • Display the network name notification pane.
  • Show the use of Wi-Fi and mobile data today through the notification pane.
  • Show live internet speed status bar.
  • Speed ​​to run real time applications.
  • Monitoring traffic data for the last 30 days with 5 dates
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  • Live download and upload speeds in the home screen
  • Different theme changes 9 different types
  • Internet speed meter on / off with on / off internet connection.

Find out the limitations of hardware.

Unfortunately, some internet service providers use substandard routers which can affect your internet speed. If you are using a good fiber optics connection that gives you good internet speeds but you are still getting slow internet, this may be according to the details of your router as fast devices will give you better speed. Can give and do not drop packets during data transmission.

If the device can’t maintain your high speed internet connection, you should buy a good quality third party manufacturer’s router that works best for your internet speed.

Slow connection:

Move the wireless router to a clean place.

You may know that both your internet connection and router are OK but your Wi-Fi signals are weak which does not speed up your internet speed.


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