How to Find Free Wifi Hotspots Near You

By | March 2, 2022

How to Find Free Wifi Hotspots Near You

Find Free Wifi Hotspots Near You: This article contains locations to find free Wi-Fi hotspots, including websites, app developers, service providers, retailers, and your local library.

This list contains free Wi-Fi hotspots near you. You can use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to access these locations and receive free Wi-Fi. This list includes Wi-Fi-free locations in restaurants, stores, public Wi Fi networks, and Wi-Fi that is provided by your ISP. These locations can be found in almost all cities. You can access the internet at no cost once you know where to look.

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AT&T offers free Wi-Fi locations

Many places choose AT&T to provide free Wi-Fi. These include McDonald’s and Barnes and Noble, FedEx and Starbucks as well as many other hotels.

Although there is no hotspot map available on AT&T’s website, they recommend using an app that can help you locate free Wi-Fi.

The majority of AT&T hotspots are equipped with the same SSID as attwifi.

McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi

More than 11,000 McDonald’s restaurants offer Wi-Fi free of charge through AT&T. You can also search here for free McDonald’s Wi-Fi access if you don’t want to go elsewhere.

You can find a free McDonald’s Wi Fi location by searching to find a restaurant. Some Wi-Fi may be disabled by the owner, so you might not be able access it.

You can use the internet at no cost at McDonald’s by connecting to the network Wayport_Access and attwifi_mcd. Next, open a browser and click the Connectbutton.

Get Free Wi-Fi from McDonald’s

Starbucks offers free Wi-Fi access

Starbucks offers Wi-Fi for free through another company like McDonald’s. However, Starbucks uses Google instead of AT&T. It works both in the U.S. as well as in Canada. All Starbucks stores that are owned by the company offer Wi-Fi free of charge

The Starbucks map will locate all available Wi-Fi networks near you when you provide your current location. You can filter the results by service to find those that allow mobile payment or 24-hour access.

Google Starbucks is the wireless network Starbucks uses to provide Wi-Fi for its customers. Select the network you wish to connect, then click Accept and Connect.

OpenWiFiSpots: Get free Wi-Fi anywhere with OpenWiFiSpots

OpenWiFiSpots users have manually added thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots. There are several ways to search these hotspots.


OpenWiFiSpots is available for free via their website. It displays Wi-Fi locations in cities and lists them on a map. You can also search for a specific type of location, such as airports or train stations. It also displays pharmacies, public park, and shopping centers.

OpenWiFiSpots provides free Wi-Fi in all 50 countries, including Brazil, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and Brazil.

Boingo makes it easy to find Wi-Fi near you

Boingo, another search engine that allows you to find Wi-Fi hotspots, is also available. The database contains information about over 1 million hotspots.

To view a map of the area, enter a city or address. After the search results are displayed, you can filter your results by type of location, such as airports, hotels, restaurants, shops, or cafés.

You can export your search results to a file, which includes the location name, address and Wi-Fi ID for offline viewing.

Click on any hotspot to view its SSID name and to get directions from any other location.

Boingo can also be used to locate Wi-Fi in your area and to get directions to the location using their Android app.

Get Free Wi-Fi from Boingo

Boingo is no more a free service. However, you might be eligible for the free service if American Express is used. For more information, contact the AMEX customer service desk.

The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory provides free Wi-Fi access in America, Asia, Canada and the Middle East.

You can search for places by country, state, or region. You can also search by a specific location. This allows you to find companies, airports and RV parks as well as vacation rentals that have free Wi-Fi.

The information on this website isn’t as extensive as the ones listed above, so make sure to check out the sources. Instead of listing specific locations or network names, the website links to the park, company or hotel are provided. This allows you to contact them or visit their website for Wi Fi information.

Your local library offers free Wi-Fi

Many libraries offer free computer access. Some also have Wi-Fi, so bring your smartphone and laptop to enjoy free internet.

There are several public libraries that offer free Wi-Fi access, including:

  • New York Public Library
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Dallas Public Library
  • LA County Library
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Wichita Public Library
  • San Jose Public Library

For information about whether your library offers free Wi-Fi or how to connect to it, it’s best that you visit their website. While some networks are accessible, others require passwords or library card numbers.

Library HotSpot, a program that allows you to connect to the internet at any New York Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library is available. They offer this service for free to those who do not have internet access at their homes. They give out a wireless modem for free that they can use for a short time.

How to find free Wifi Hotspots near you through your ISP

Although it is not free, you may be eligible to have Wi-Fi at no cost if you are a paying customer to select internet service provider (ISPs).

Cable WiFi is a network that combines Cox Communications with Optimum and Spectrum to offer free Wi-Fi for their subscribers. If you have internet access at home via Cox, then you can also benefit from your subscription while you are on the road.

For more information and location maps, visit the website of your provider. These providers may offer free Wi-Fi networks. You might search for CableWiFi , but you could also use the company name xfinitywifi, or CoxWiFi. Log in using the username and password you used with your ISP.


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