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By | January 8, 2021

Got what it takes to master this dragon game and collect and breed tons of adorable fire-breathing dragons? Train them to your will, grow your collection, build your city, and prove your might to be the top Dragon Master in the world!

Build a Dragon City on floating islands, fill it with farms, habitats, buildings…and tons of dragons! Breed cute, baby dragons, treat them well and build farms to feed and evolve them into stunning monsters to expand your collection and battle them in the game’s PvP Arenas!

Feels hard to breed dragon? let’s make your breeding easy. Download now!

Our app helps you find Breeding combination for all breedable dragons

  • All basic breeding combinations of dragons available in this breeding calculator
  • This beginner version allows you to try breed any pair and find results. Also you can find breeding combinations of many dragons from ‘Breeding Combinations’ calculator.


Join forces with other Dragon Masters in the game by joining an Alliance! Interact in the chat, participate in Alliance events, trade Orbs, and unlock special rewards.Combine dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend, and many other elements, to breed unique hybrids and expand your Dragon City collection. You can also collect dragons from events in the game!

Dragon Land is a 3D platform game: levels, bosses and a multiplayer mode!

Social Point welcomes you to Dragon Land, the brand new 3D platform game that’s packed with stunning levels, arcade action and awesome dragons! Expand your dragon collection and set off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Jump, dash, climb and glide your way through every episode. Unlock new dragons and learn different skills!

When a mysterious evil appears, it’s up to the plucky dragon Blaze to save his friends and return peace to the world. Inspired by classic games, Dragon Land is a thrilling and fun platformer for everyone!


3D Platformer Campaign

  • Jump through over 100 levels full of rewards and secret items!
  • 3D graphics and gameplay, just like your favorite oldschool games!
  • Secret levels: find keys to unlock these extra-tough, extra-rewarding areas.
  • Multiplayer challenges where you race against friends in real time to climb the rankings!

Dragon Collection & Upgrades

  • Collect dozens of unique dragons, each with their own special skill!
  • Dragons get even more impressive when you level them up!
  • Customize dragons with unique skins.

Challenge Levels in Quick Play

  • One hit, infinite levels. How far you can get?
  • Beat your friends’ scores in this challenging mode!

Stay tuned for regular updates. New levels and features added constantly!

Adventure and action awaits in Dragon Land, the episode based 3D platformer from Social Point! Take control of Blaze and save the dragons!

Download Dragon Land and enter the world of dragons today!

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Having an issue? Go to Menu > Support, we’ll try to help you the best way we can!
Dragon Land is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

The healing of the Dragons Land is in your hands; egg merging, dragon collecting, creature evolution – all this and more is in your power to save the land.

Try Breeding your Dragons through this demo Calculator before Breeding with game

Our app helps you find Breeding combination for Basic and Moderate level Dragons in DC. It will save your time and let you find accurate combination of required dragons. Breed your favorite dragons, Download Now!

  • New & very new Dragons are not breedable unless they are breedable only during Breeding event time.
  • This app helps Beginner and Moderate level players very much with Necessary Dragons Breeding combinations.

Match, merge and evolve to win! Become a legend to save the Amazing Dragons!Match, merge and evolve to win. Dragons need your help to save their loved Dragons land from the Evil Demons. Welcome to the legendary Dragons Land! This was a once flourishing land and home of the Magnificent Dragons. Now it’s poisoned by the Evil Demons with dark mist and no Dragons can be found. It depends on you to purify the poisoned land and restore the peace to this great land! Join this amazing journey and have a great time.


FEATURES- Complete the Dragon Book! There are over 1000 awesome dragons to breed and collect to make your Dragon City grow!- New dragons join the game every week through breeding events and special islands.- Decorate your dragons with cool Dragon Skins from special events.- Adventure through the Dragon Quests and play against other Dragon Masters in the game’s PvP Arenas to collect one-of-a-kind dragons, claim Warrior’s Chests, and climb the leaderboards!- Summon dragons to your city from a magical world in the Tree Of Life and try their skills.- Collect Orbs and empower your dragons: See their strength in battle grow!- Unlock advanced game features like the Ancient World and build the Guardian Dragon Towers.-

Want to raise your very own dragon? Then come play Dragons World!

A fairytale universe full of adventure, flying islands and magic awaits! Collect different breeds of dragon and create new ones! Battle in tournaments against other players! Prove that you’re the best dragon keeper the world has ever seen!

Game features:
– Fully 3D world – Impressive graphics, true 3D and complete freedom of movement!
– Variety – Over 300 dragon breeds from different environments with unique abilities. Breed absolutely incredible dragons and track their achievements in the Book of Dragons!
– Battles – Train your dragons, make armor for them and use magical amulets. Send dragons to the tournament and win!
– Thousands of players around the world – Visit your friends’ islands and get gifts. Challenge other players and take first place on the League Table!
– Global map – Huge archipelagos of flying islands!
– Regular updates – New quests, new dragons, new magic items and much more every month!

A social city! Join Alliances to battle with other Dragon Masters in Dragon City, chat with them, trade Orbs in the Trading Hub, share in Alliance Gift Events, and open Alliance Chests.-

Log in with Windows to save your game and play on all your devices – Take your city of dragons everywhere!There are over 80 million Dragon Masters in Dragon City. What are you waiting for? Join the game and build your city today!

If you already love our game… Drop us a nice review :)Dragon City is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature of the game, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings

Take your pet dragons on a journey across our animal fantasy land! Reach higher leagues, levels and further islands with DML magic. Take back your village from the mean Vikings and build a new home for your dragons. Just go and make your own story!Seasonal events, new content, and weapons and special quests! Make each dragon a fighting hero legend in this monster-training simulation!

Each mission is important to upgrade your dragon collection.

Love breeding Dragons? Breed raise battle, Build you own magical world of Dragon

Explore the magical world of Dragons! Become the ultimate Dragon Master! Build your own Dragon Paradise City! Raise, feed and breed your own lovable, friendly, adorable dragons.

Start a magical tour with mystical dragons. Imagine a island full of amazing dragons where you can feed train and take the dragons to the battleground!
Train your dragons and evolve them into massive beasts that will defend you in battle.Build your dream world of Dragons on the Islands and fill it with farms, habitats, buildings… and dragons! Train your cute babies and evolve them into impressive beasts that will defend you in battle against other Dragon Masters!Breeding your dragons is very important to get new and exciting rare dragons

free Dragon City Guide 2k21

This is a guide application to become a winner playing Dragon~City~Guide.
all the features in the base game are here.
Download the application immediately, hope it is useful.



  1. All content and all copyrights in this application are owned by each copyright holder.
  2. This is an unofficial Guide for Free Dragon City games and this application complies with the United States copyright law “fair use.”
  3. This application is made by fans of free games to help other players win the game and this is not a game and this is not an official application.


Collect rare, strong, and amusing dragons: New Dragons are added to the game every week!

Over 100 dragons to breed and collect.

Crossbreed different dragons to create cool new species! FEED & EVOLVE

Farm delicious foods in farm and FEED them to your Dragons!

Evolve your Dragon into epic form and explore an exciting world! EPIC LEAGUE BATTLE

Collect incredible Dragons

Fight against other Dragon Masters in the League!

Collect rewards and unlock new items. BUILD YOUR DREAM WORLD OF DRAGONS!

Build a world of Dragons and fill it with everything you need: A Breeding Cave, Habitats and more!
Download today and start training your Dragon!

If you love your Dragons, please make them smile. Drop us a nice review here!

Play and go through different levels, islands and worlds; complete missions; go through magic portals and collect rare monsters and merge dragons. Improve your creatures’ fighting skills with each new battle to reclaim the land from the bad Vikings!j

Dragons Fight, Breed Simulator Mania, City Builder Story free 2 play games app


Build a world of powerful dragons. Play “Dragon Village” to raise, feed and breed your own lovable, friendly, adorable dragons.
Breathe life into dragons and prepare them for competitive battles. Build your own lands, characterize them with different names, assign the villagers to work, have your own pet dragons and fight with different dragons. You can also crossbreed the dragons to get new and exciting rare dragons. Now you can take care of your dragon anytime, anywhere. Play this free game on your Android phone, tablet and iOS devices.

Download button

Monster Fighting, Breeding, City Builder free 2 play fun legendary monsters game

Bored with all of the monster game??? Well time to say goodbye to boredom, a new, exciting game of monsters is just a click away. Play “Monster City” and get cute, adorable, and friendly monsters.
A life time experience with monsters in the land of adventure is waiting for you. Feed your monsters; train them for battle against opponents all over the world. Crossbreed to get new, rare, exotic, legendary monsters. Explore lands full of fun and adventure. Assign the villagers to feed the monsters. Build your land of imagination. Explore different kinds of land. Free to play in android and all IOS devices.


  • Free to play in android and IOS device.
  • Cute, rare, adorable, legendary monsters.
  • Battle against opponents and win the ultimate battle of monsters.
  • Crossbreed the monsters to get rare & exotic ones.
  • Add multiple habitats to evolve your monsters.
  • Build your own imaginary land.

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