Chrome tried the Safari re-design first 3 hours ago 🏀 Good morning! The best thing about Space Jam 2 wasn’t the movie, it was getting all the animated trailers for kids movies coming out. Not that I could, even vaguely, understand what was going on. Boss Baby Vs Ninja Babies? No idea at all. But it did look like good … Read more

You told us: Here’s what you value more between camera software and hardware

Adam Molina / Android Authority Smartphone makers really focus on the camera performance of their devices these days. From a time when phones used to have single shooters, we’ve now come to an era of multiple camera sensors that promise everything from high-res photos, portrait capture, detailed macro shots, bright low-light images, HDR, and much … Read more

The Roku Channel: Everything you need to know about the free streaming service

Table of contents 01What is The Roku Channel?02Is The Roku Channel worth it?03Where is it available?04Compatible devices05User experience06Movie and TV show library07Roku Originals08Best alternatives09Other FAQs You may be familiar with Roku’s streaming sticks, set-top boxes, and soundbars. You might even own a smart TV with the Roku OS installed. If so, you may also be … Read more

4 things my 3-year-old phone does better than some 2021 flagships

It’s hard to argue that modern flagship smartphones aren’t impressive pieces of kit. Between the cutting-edge silicon, high refresh rate screens, ultra-high resolution cameras, and sleek designs, there’s definitely a lot to like. In saying so, some flagship phones still lag behind much older devices in certain areas. Don’t believe me? Well, I’m still rocking … Read more

What is Pegasus and how is it used for spying?

Government sanctioned cyber-surveillance is back in the news, following an exposé by The Guardian and 16 other media organization that reveals how commercial malware is being used by authoritarian regimes used to target activists, politicians, and journalists. The commercial malware in use is called Pegasus and it is sold, for millions of dollars, by an … Read more