Best Way to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

By | February 26, 2022

Best Way to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection

Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection: What can I do to speed up my connection to the internet? This is the question that pops into the minds of every internet user dealing having issues with slow speeds on the internet. In the waiting for the YouTube video to load or getting behind on a connection when playing an online game can make the experience less enjoyable and make the user feel frustrated. If your internet begins to slow down, you must know what to do to speed up the process. This article will help speed up the speed of your internet connection.

Verify your internet service and speed

Sometimes, your internet speed is slow due to paying for a poor internet service. Go to the internet provider’s site or phone them to get all the details regarding the plan you have. Once you’ve figured out what plan you’re on then you can check the speed of your internet through the Speedtest site or mobile application. If the test you’ve taken is similar to the speed you pay then there’s no issue. All you have change is your internet connection to a higher speed and bandwidth.

Sometimes, shutting down the router and restarting the router could increase the speed of your internet connection because an issue in the router’s firmware could cause a slowdown in your internet connection. Therefore, restarting it will increase the speed of your internet.

In Pakistan the majority of people depend in PTCL phone wire Internet that can slow down when the outdoor connection goes down or when there’s an issue due to the splitter. If you suspect there’s a issue with your outdoor connection this is how you can solve the issue with your connection to the outside.


Learn about the limits of your hardware.

However, some Internet service providers utilize low-quality routers, which could affect your speed on the internet. If you have the best fiber optics connection that gives an excellent internet speed, however you’re still experiencing slow speeds, it could depend on the configuration of your router, as high-speed routers will offer the fastest speeds and will not lose packets. During data transmission

It is important to review the specifications of your router to determine the performance of your router. If your router isn’t able to maintain the speed of your internet connection, you must purchase a new router from a reputable third party manufacturer , which is best for your speed.

Slow connection

You’ll know that your internet connection and your router are working fine, but the Wi-Fi signal is weak and can affect your internet speed. In this situation it is necessary to relocate your router’s wireless signal to a clean area with less interruptions in the Wi-Fi signal. Make sure to keep the router out in the open position to prevent any type degraded signal.

Find bandwidth-hogging applications.

If you experience slow internet on your PC but running smoothly on other PCs and mobile phones, this could be due to your internet provider or router. It is important to determine what programs are blocking your connection. To discover this the culprits, start Task Manager then click Network which program uses its bandwidth the highest.

Services for synchronizing files like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. Transferring data in the background that could consume a significant amount of bandwidth and slow the speed of your internet.

 Thus, you should turn off or limit the bandwidth of these applications to get all-speed internet.

Task manager:

Other users connected to your Internet connection may also consume Internet bandwidth and reduce it. If your Wi-Fi isn’t secured by a password, it’s likely that.

Limit devices that are that are connected on your local network.

If you have a range of devices that are connected to Wi-Fi including smart TVs, tablets and security cameras. You are likely to notice a decline in the performance of your network. Turn off any devices you’re not using and see if this can affect the speed of the network.

Connected devices:

In certain instances, people limit the bandwidth available to routers by making modifications to the administrator panel. This restriction limits the dissemination of information to everyone, but it affects the speed of connection. In simple terms, If you’re using a fast fibre optic network, the bandwidth limitation may be more beneficial for you. But, if you’re using the traditional telephone wire internet

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