Arjun Kapoor weighs in on possibility of him working with Malaika Arora


Arjun Kapoor was asked about his plans of working with his ladylove Malaika Arora

Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor has opened up about his girlfriend Malaika Arora and whether or not there is a possibility of them sharing screens one day.

During a recent interview with, the actor was asked about his plans of working with his ladylove.

“Never say never in life. I haven’t really dwelled on it. I don’t think that’s something that has crossed my mind but in life, never ever say never,” he shared.

Earlier, during a chat with Film Companion, he spoke about Malaika and her past, saying: “I don’t try and be overly talkative about my personal life, because I feel you should respect your partner, and there is a past there… And I’ve been in that situation where I’ve seen things pan out publicly and it’s not always very nice, because there are kids affected.”


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