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Find crewmates for Among Us! Chat, meet new friends from Among Us, find rooms.

We all meet great people while playing Among Us.
Hard to find them again – but with this app, you can find your friends from Among Us and play with them again!
Chat and meet new people every day.
You can also chat about other things besides Among Us – gaming in general, or whatever you like – but don’t share your private information!

In our app you can find friends who play Among Us like you.
You can find friends who play other games too, like Roblox or Minecraft.
You can chat with friends from the Among Us or Roblox, keep in touch with them, or find new one from within our app.
If you find yourself bored at home – this fun social app is for you.

Among Us is more fun when you play with people you know.
Find countless new Among Us friends here!


  1. This is a fan-made app and not officially related to the game Among Us. All rights reserved.
  2. Use this app to keep in touch with your friends from Among Us, but always treat the other person like he is an impostor – don’t reveal personal information!

Find crewmates or match people Among Us and discuss in the game chat

To get connected, match and talk with your friends from Among Us, this is the Best Free Voice Chat app for you to discuss together and talk more.

With just one click, in the Among Chat app, you can match with new friends from Among Us to play together. Lots of players here could talk and play with you anytime, anywhere! Come on to play and win each game!

While playing Among Us, we all could meet or make new friends. However, it may be hard for us to find them again or talk further. Now, with this Among Chat app, you can continue talking or communicating with your friends, and playing with them again!

With this voice chat app, your Among Us gaming experience would be greatly improved! It is definitely a great place for you to communicate more with your AU friends/crewmate friends.

Key Features
– One-click to start matching, talking/communicating with new people or your friends
– Real-time chat
– Create your own public or private channels freely
– Voice Chat with friends on the same channel

*This is a fan-made communication app and not officially related to the game Among Us. All rights reserved.
*You can use this app to communicate and keep in touch with your friends from Among Us, but please don’t reveal any personal information.

Create a Avatar to share or Keep notes when playing Among Us

Thanks for checking out the best note-taking among us guide app that will help you win and keep track of your thoughts while playing the actual game.
Tired of taking notes in your mind while playing among us? Feel like you keep forgetting all the assumptions you have made since the start of the match?
Then Detective Among Us is just the app to help you win every among us match.
Unlike any other note app, detective among us is a virtual note-taking app that is equipped with the tools you will need for the among us game. Once installed, you will now never forget which crewmate you marked safe earlier or which crewmate you suspect of being the imposter.

The app is designed to offer you unrealized potential. You can simply download and use this on one device while playing the among us game on another, ideal for playing with PC or Switch versions of the game.

App features

Ease of use
The detective among us app is easy to use and offers a hassle-free experience. Unlike many other among us hack apps out there, this will not get you banned. All you have to do is run it on another android or IOS device while you play the game (if you are playing on mobile), and you will never have to worry about forgetting who is sus again.
Keeps track
With the detective among us app, you will be able to keep track of all the places you have been to, all the possible incidents you have seen, and all the tasks you have done as a crewmate, or you can use the handy list to fake it as an impostor.
Map guide
Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting where you have seen the dead body or the impostor killing someone while in the meeting. And once you forget, you get all the suspicion. But NEVER AGAIN.
The app will let you have a full overview of each of the maps in addition to the specific names of each room, routes of the vents and where those security cameras are. In addition to that, you can also drag and drop color markers to keep track of the places you want to remember. So, forgetting where you were or where you have seen someone is out of the question.
Creating cool avatar
Whether you are an imposter or a crewmate, you really do not want to stand out, unless it is with a cool looking avatar.
Detective among us offers you the ability to create your own avatars, which you can later share online. All the skins along with the pets have been redrawn and cropped to perfection in a cute chibi style.
Among us guide
As a virtual note-taking tool, Detective among us can also be used as the perfect guide companion app. You can mark any color as sus, safe, imposter, or dead for better mindfulness of the game. In addition to that, you can also star the task that you have and use the checkbox when you have finished doing them, so you will always know what is left.

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Please note that this is not the actual game or an among us mod. The app is designed to work alongside the among us game to provide you a better grasp of the in-game mindfulness and help you win.

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